Psychophonic Records

Psychophonic records is an underground label designed to help rock & metal bands in the UK. We intend to breathe new life into a scene that has been driven underground by the fashion conscious music press, and prove to the world that the UK has more to offer than pointless manufactured pop bands.

This label is about quality music, not trends. We are more than aware of the situation of rock and metal music in the UK. It is very difficult for unsigned bands to get decent gigs in the UK unless they are either gigging locally, or know people in high places. We intend to change this by organizing gig swapping, rock nights, and compilation albums that will be promoted by the bands as well as the label.

Let’s face it, people are a lot more likely to show interest in a band if they have actually heard some of their material. Here at Psychophonic, we do not intend to let any of our releases go unnoticed. We also have a web page or link for each of the bands involved with the label, so you can check them out at your leisure.

The accused:


Dan is the founder and owner of Psychophonic. He originally started the label to help his own band RAZORWIRE and a few local metal acts get off the ground. The label has since grown, and Dan is responsible for general organisation, promotion and delegating as much donkey work to John as possible.

Dan is also a DJ and a promoter and is responsible for many gigs across the UK, numerous club nights and festivals such as GODLESS.


Nicki is a DJ, photographer and promoter. She promotes and advertises the psychophonic nights and festivals by any means possible. She has also been part of Psychophonic since day one.

Nicki currently DJ’s at RESURRECTION in Stoke-on-Trent. She also works at the local independent record shop MUSIC MANIA, and has helped establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the shop and many local bands.

Nicki also updates the gigs page on this website.


John is a graphic designer, producer/engineer, and musician. His graphic design acheivements include the artwork for “Kill Your Management” series (Vol.2 onward), as well as countless flyers and demo covers.

John has built up his own portable studio. He has produced and engineered for numerous bands including Burnt, Fire Child and MeyerCurve. For more information and free MP3’s please visit

John currently sings for NO SIGNAL INPUT and has his own project DAMAGED in which he plays and records all the instruments himself.


Gary is a professional web / graphic designer. He made this website, as well as RAZORWIRE, RESURRECTION, DANPEACH, GODLESS and numerous others.

Gary is also a DJ at RESURRECTION.stamp